About us

Find out how partners Hans Otten and Colette van Remortel's passion for travel has translated into a unique hospitality concept that embraces Antwerp.

Discover the refinement and conviviality of our restaurant in Antwerp, where tasty dishes come together with a warm ambiance at U Eat U Sleep.
Discover how Antwerp has become richer in a hospitality concept.
We always strive to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits U Eat U Sleep.

Our story

The story of U Eat U Sleep begins with an adventurous couple, Hans Otten and Colette van Remortel.

He a radio and television producer, she a pilot.

Their shared passion for sophistication, enjoyment and hospitality formed the foundation for this unique concept.

Hans and Colette combined their unique perspectives and life experiences to create this special hospitality concept. Their souls were fed by travelling the world to cities such as London, New York, Barcelona and Amsterdam, where they found their inspiration.

In Antwerp, they felt this concept was still missing. Their positive experiences abroad motivated them to realise this in Antwerp too, with the aim of letting YOU enjoy it.


Experience the magic through the eyes of our guests. Read their heart-warming reviews and find out how others have enjoyed themselves at U Eat U Sleep.

Customer satisfaction

We are proud to share our customer satisfaction score. This score reflects the positive experiences of our guests and their enjoyment of our exceptional hospitality.

Enthusiastic employees

We are a team of 12 enthusiastic staff who are passionate about creating exceptional experiences for our guests.